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Great Home Renovation Videos


Some aspects of home renovation just can't be conveyed with text. That's why About.com has prepared an awesome set of home renovation videos to turbo-charge your next project.

Install Crown Molding

Installing crown molding requires a steady hand and a bit of planning. Failure to do so means wasting very expensive linear footage of crown molding.

Install Kitchen Countertop Lighting

Amazing what a little light can do. No better place to put light than in the kitchen. Installing countertop lighting is quite an easy DIY project.

Install a Ceiling Hook

Think before hanging that heavy plant from the ceiling. Two minutes with this great video ensure that your plant will stay in place.

How to Grout Tile

Tile-setting is a centuries-old craft, passed down from generation to generation. But you can learn tile grouting in a couple of minutes from J.J. Burkart.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch works wonders, giving a dining room or bedroom a warm aura. Learn how surprisingly easy it is to install a dimmer switch by yourself.

How to Fill Drywall Screw Holes

Filling screw holes is a core component of drywall installation. Learn how to do this the quick and clean way.
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