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The Top Easy Home Remodeling Projects that Appear Hard


Why should home remodeling be difficult? Some home improvement tasks look difficult because they are difficult. Care to raise your foundation this weekend? In the mood for a quick little window replacement job? How about digging your own swimming pool?

Some home remodeling projects look difficult but, categorically, are not difficult at all. I think that the industry likes these projects because they make money off of the average homeowner's reluctance and fear. So let's look at some projects that are proportionally quite easy to take on, in relation to how difficult they might appear to be.

1.) Easy to Do but Requires Lifting: Install Your Own Toilet

I would say that the number one easy-but-appears-difficult project is installing a toilet. The hardest part of this is the physical effort of lifting the toilet into place. But even then, remember that you are dealing with two separate pieces of toilet: the back and the bowl. So that cuts your lifting efforts in half. Absolutely no need to call a plumber for installing a toilet. Don't even think about it.

2.) Install Your Own Electrical Outlet

Installing an electric outlet has got to be the next easiest home renovation project that looks difficult. I think the thing that puts some people off is the fact that electricity is involved, and electricity has been known to her, kill, or otherwise injure people. These are all legitimate concerns, but with proper safety measures you can take on this project yourself. For instance, keep in mind the fact that you will be shedding off the electricity at the source: at the circuit breaker. So no electricity at all is flowing to the electric outlets that you will be installing. Secondly, you can use a power tester to double-check that no electricity is coming your way.

Along the same lines, many homeowners feel that installing a GFCI outlet (ground fault circuit interrupter) is such a monumentally complex task that they need to you pay an electrician $150 an hour to do this. Not at all. Installing a GFCI is slightly more difficult than a non-GFCI outlet, but not much more.

3.) Don’t Pay Floor Installers! Install Your Own Laminate Flooring

It seems like everybody wants to fix their flooring. Whatever your taste--carpet, wood, linoleum, vinyl, tile--installing your own flooring does involve some difficult logistics. But the easiest type of floor to install, bar none, is the floating laminate flooring. While other types of hard wood flooring involved difficult and dusty things like standing, cutting, gluing, nailing, installing floating laminate flooring is exactly the type of floor installation that you dream about. It is only a little more difficult than putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Yes, some cuts are involved, and you need to think your floor through before starting the installation, but in the world of floor installation, it certainly falls at the EEC into the spectrum. In fact, installing floating laminate flooring is so simple, it is almost criminally insane to pay a floor installation company to do this.

4.) Why Pour Money Down the Drain? Install Your Own Garbage Disposal!

Along the same lines as the toilet installation, the worst thing about installing your own garbage disposal is the heavy lifting involved. But you will find that, with a simple trick, it is quite easy to raise and hold in place the garbage disposal while you are installing it. Hiring a plumber to install a garbage disposal is like... pouring money down the drain.

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