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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Flooring

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Black and Decker The Complete Guide to Flooring

Black and Decker The Complete Guide to Flooring

Creative Publishing Int'l

The Bottom Line

The Black & Decker Complete Guide to Flooring eases you into the topic of flooring for your home, giving you a comprehensive view of nearly all viable types of flooring, and includes specialized projects, too. Recommended if you are beginning a whole-house remodel.
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  • Impressively ranges from wide to narrow topics.
  • Includes types of flooring you may not even know about.
  • Takes you all the way through flooring installation and repair.
  • Bonus DVD.


  • Too "complete" if you already have already decided on a type of flooring.


  • 270 pages. $24.99 retail price.
  • Third Edition of a popular book from Creative Publishing International.
  • DVD includes 50 minutes of installation videos, plus an electronic version of the book.
  • 750+ color illustrations.

Guide Review - Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Flooring

What are floors? How do floors work? Why do you want floors?

Most flooring guides, intent on getting right to the business of showing you the six easy steps to laying laminate, forget to tackle such elemental questions. Black & Decker's Complete Guides probe the high and the low, the sublime and the picayune, of a countless number of home remodeling projects.

We begin the Black & Decker Complete Guide to Flooring exploring the very nature of flooring--how it ties with the entire house, looking at the anatomy of a typical floor, even examining your existing floor--before moving to the installation of specific types of flooring, including usual suspects such as hardwood, bamboo, and laminate, but also off-beat flooring like rubber roll, porcelain snap-in, and carpet squares.

To make this guide truly "complete," it ranges well beyond mere flooring selection and installation. You learn how to spot-repair nearly all types of flooring, fix squeaky wood floors, refinish, repair, remove, and many more things.

One unexpected bonus is the DVD, which includes demonstrations of flooring installations. Want to read up on flooring but don't feel like lugging this 270 page book along on your next plane trip? Just take the DVD: it's got the entire book in electronic format.

Publication Date: September 2010

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