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Free Small House Plans: For Remodeling or Just Dreaming
Free Small House Plans

Free Small House Plans

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In years past, as an incentive to purchase, home builders would give out free books of home plans. They were extensive and had both attractive exterior views of the houses and correlating detailed floor layouts.

Or, "house plans companies" would hire architects and artists to mock up dream homes and sell the plans by mail order.

Not Buildable House Plans

The intent was never to build from plans; it was just to upsell the customer to a set of blueprints or a house contract. Plans were vague enough that you couldn't just take them to a contractor and have him start construction.

Free Plans For Your Use

I have taken a number of copyright-free house plans, mainly from the latter half of the 20th century, and re-purposed them for today's use.

Keep in mind that this is a remodeling site, so these are still not necessarily 100% aligned with the tastes and interests of us today. I wanted to retain the flavor of these houses for homeowners who are interested in remodeling--not in demo'ing and rebuilding--their older home.

I've given each plan a new name (The Tahoma, The Snoqualmie, etc.) simply to keep them straightened out.

How to Use

All plans are free and may be used without seeking permission. They're not executable, but you can use them as a springboard for ideas.

Click any image to enlarge. Plans are in .jpeg format.

See the First House--Tahoma

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