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French Country Style
French Country Style Kitchen

French Country Style Kitchen

(c) Adrian Snell and Richard Barrett via Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan
Why is the French country style so popular? The remove of time and distance puts a burnish on many styles, even those that were once regarded as primitive and unworthy.

Nowadays, in our chaotic, flimsy, Twitterized world, French country style looks positively refreshing. It's a style that's all about simplicity, solidity, and order.

One thing you'll notice in this photo is the combining of rustic elements with the shabbily elegant. The pots are terra cotta...yet they stand next to showy candlesticks.

Ms. Sloan brings up plenty of fascinating trivia, too. Did you know that this deep farmhouse sink isn't exactly accurate to the overall style of the kitchen (she points out that French sinks tend to be shallow)?

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