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How to Drill at an Angle


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How to Drill at an Angle - Introduction and Safe Zones
How to Drill at an Angle - Introduction and Safe Zones

Drill at an Angle Without Apparatus

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You need to drill a hole in wood at an angle (sometimes called a pocket hole). There is a way you can do it without any special tools. You only need a cordless drill and two drill bits of different sizes.

First, let's take a look at the "safe zones" where you'll be able to make this kind of apparatus-free hole:

  1. Zone 1: Safe - From 0 to 45 degrees you can easily make an angled hole.
  2. Zone 2: Maybe - Between 45-75 degrees, you can still probably make the hole. It helps if you're working with soft wood.
  3. Zone 3: No - Past 75 degrees the drill will move around too much.
This is very much a quick-and-dirty method of making angled holes without apparatus. It's not the stuff of fine woodworking. For that, you'll need to invest in a drill press or a cheaper item called a pocket hole jig.
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