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How to Renovate Your House Before Sale


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How to Renovate Your House Before Sale Introduction
House for Sale - Which Renovations to Undertake?

House for Sale - Which Renovations to Undertake?

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Renovating your house so that you can enjoy it for the next 20 or 30 years can be quite enjoyable. But renovating to sell next month is not so enjoyable.

You're not sure how much money you should spend because you're caught in a kind of limbo: spend too little money and look cheap; spend too much money and see all of that cash go down the drain. Not only that, but you're the one who has to go through all the pain and misery of living through the renovations, while some lucky homeowner merely has to put the key in the lock, turn the doorknob, and viola--all finished.

So, renovating to sell is a completely different animal. Note, though, that we are not talking about what is called "staging" a house for sale. Nor are we talking about merely fixing a few windows and slapping a coat of paint. We are addressing a more intense type of home renovation that goes beyond a coat of paint and may cost in the four or five figures. Yet we are staying below the more expensive and labor-intensive renovation, such as a $75,000 kitchen remodel, of the type that you might do for yourself.

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