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How to Renovate Your House Before Sale


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Flooring Renovations Before Selling House
Home renovations performed for the purposes of sale do not necessarily have to be things that you like. These are remodels that you do that a large majority of potential homeowners like.

Like wall-to-wall carpeting in bathrooms? Tough luck. Most home buyers do not.

Generally, wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house is a bad idea, because it gives the impression that you are trying to hide something underneath. Laminate flooring would be the bare minimum type of "cover up" flooring that you should ever use, though home buyers also have come to recognize laminate as another type of suspicious material.

If you have real wood floors, then you are lucky. Severely worn floors should be sanded down with a drum sander. If your floors have only minor scratches, then a circular sander will suffice. Keep in mind that many home buyers will lift up the edge of carpeting to see if refurbishable floorboards are underneath.

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