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Outdoor Renovations

Pools and hot tubs, fences and decks. All of those fun outdoor projects you've been saving up for a free weekend.

Decking Rails, Guards, and Stairs
Basic rundown of building code requirements for exterior decking rails, guards, and stairs.

Gutter Guards
Basics of leaf gutter guard systems.

How To Seal Your Driveway To Return It To Its "Just Paved" Glory
Follow these easy steps to seal your driveway and make it look fresh again.

How to Hire a Contractor to Build a Deck
A deck: it's just wood and screws. How hard can it be? Plenty hard, and that's why lots of homeowners choose to hire a professional to build their deck. Find out basic questions you need to ask before putting down a deposit for this substantial project.

How to Clean and Seal Your Deck
Learn how to clean and seal your deck - and extend its use by years.

Having a Fence Company Install New Fence
Learn some of the basics of how fence companies will build a new fence for you - and what you need to do.

How to Stiffen a Bouncy Deck
Some older decks begin to feel “bouncy”, meaning the deck’s foundation needs shoring up. Learn how to fix them!

Stamped Concrete
Excuse the excitement--but stamped concrete is awesome. Stamped concrete is one of those home remodeling trends that seems to be catching fire lately. What is stamped concrete? Can you do it yourself?

Stained Concrete
One way to spiff up an otherwise ugly or bland slab of concrete is to stain it. Find out about stained concrete.

Best Time to Install Asphalt Driveway
You can't just install an asphalt driveway whenever you feel like it. Asphalt paving specifications have to do with air and surface temperature. Find out the best times to install your asphalt driveway.

You Need a Permit for That Fence
Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they usually need to secure a building permit to install a fence. Get the facts on fence permits.

How to Install Asphalt Paving
You've decided to take the big leap and install new asphalt paving on your driveway. Here are the steps you'll take.

Front Walkway Ideas
Lots of ideas for designing front pathways built from pavers.

Building a Brick Pathway
A labor-intensive but ultimately rewarding outdoor project.

How to Kill a Gopher with Gas Bomb
Using gas-smoke bombs to kill gophers.

Solving Problem of Stone Stairs
Stone stairs are too low outside of patio door. What to do?

Solve Problem of Too-Low Stone Stairs Outside of Door
How can we raise these stone stairs to their proper height?

Calculator for Estimating Fence Post Concrete
Don't remember your high school geometry? Pull up this easy-to-use calculator to determine how much concrete is needed to set your fence posts.

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