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How to Install Asphalt Paving

Step 3: Consider the Base That Will Go Under the Asphalt


Before laying down the asphalt paving, you need to prepare the base. There are three options here.

Install Asphalt Paving Over Existing Driveway

If your existing driveway is in good condition and is not severely cracked or crumbling, the hot-mix asphalt can be laid right on top of your driveway. One consideration, though, with laying on top of existing pavement is height. Are there fences, garages, and other structures that might make it impossible to raise the height of your driveway?

Rip Out Existing Driveway; Install Asphalt Paving on Soil

The preferred method. Existing driveway is completely taken out (or you may not even have an existing driveway!). Between 4 and 6 inches of hot-mix paving are laid right on the soil.

Rip Out Existing Driveway; Install Asphalt Paving on Aggregate Base

With this option, an aggregate stone base partially replaces some of the hot-mix asphalt. Typically 6-8 inches of aggregate go under 3 inches of asphalt.

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