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Neutral, Green-Toned Bedroom Paint Color
Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors

Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors - A Palette That's Easy to Pull Off

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Want a neutral palette without all the work? Our previous neutral palette bedroom was a complicated patchwork, but this one is oh so simple:

For the walls, go for a light-gray called Green Tea Leaves, off-set by a darker gray (Lush Sage) for the chair rail. You say, "A chair rail in the bedroom? What's the point?" I say, "Where else would you put your Lush Sage?"

These are colors that go on easy and give your bedroom a relaxed, elegant appearance.

Shopping List

  • Wall - Green Tea Leaves, #5004-1C
  • Chair Rail - Lush Sage, #5003-2B
  • Baseboard - Del Coronado Tequila, #3008-10C

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