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Bedroom Paint Colors


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Green Band of Color Makes This a Boy's Room
Bedroom Paint Colors Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy Pronounces Your Bedroom Walls Green

© Dutch Boy
Dutch Boy calls this green Conifer.

This is a paint color that is not for everyone or every house. First, notice that we're showing you a room with extra-tall ceilings; this won't work as well in standard 8-foot tall rooms. Second, this is a boy's bedroom (but it could easily work in an office, den, etc., too).

Raise the chair rail to six feet, install beadboard underneath. The great value of this--for a boy's room--is that beadboard better resists the inevitable wallboard dings and scratches and accidents that result from boys and their friends.

Ah, boys. They are a blessing from heaven. But, but... Well, if you're a parent with a boy, I need say no more.

Who Makes This Paint?

The Boy! How ironic. Dutch Boy himself.

Shopping List

  • Wall Between Chair Rail and Crown - Conifer, #D15-1
  • Chair Rail and Crown- Northern Climb, #C14-2
  • Beadboard Below Chair Rail- Basketweave, #C14-3

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