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Duron Paint Company Profile
Duron Charleston Collection

Duron Charleston Collection

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A venerable presence on the housepaint landspace since 1949, Duron is a mainly East Coast (U.S.) based company that operates both through standalone brick-and-mortar stores and through Sherwin-Williams stores. Sherwin-Williams bought Duron in 2004 to increase its footprint along the Eastern Seaboard.



Duron-branded stores have the feeling of a very functional space more suited for contractors than for the casual walk-in paint buyer. Walk into any Duron store and chances are you'll be the only DIY painter among a sea of paint-speckled paint pros.

In two respects, Duron stores represent perhaps the diametric opposite of the familiar experience of trying to get information about paint from a Home Depot or Lowe's.

  1. Knowledge:  Since they deal with painting contractors, Duron store employees typically know what they're talking about.
  2. Friendly, But Not Overly So:  Because many of the Duron-branded stores cater mostly to painting contractors, I have found that Duron employees--while polite and helpful--are not thrilled to help out with painting 101-type questions. Luckily, the Duron site, linked below, is a wealth of basic painting information. More helpful is parent company Sherwin-Williams' site.

What's The Future of The Brand?

I don't have great hopes for the longevity of Duron.  The Duron website is barely maintained; the Sherwin-Williams site lists Duron as an aside; and Sherwin-Williams Annual Reports hardly mention Duron anymore.  Even though contractors like the brand, it makes little sense for Sherwin-Williams to maintain it, when their own, branded stores and Sherwin-Williams brands do a good job of catering to the professionals.

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