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Family Room Paint Color Ideas


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Family Room Paint: Depends On Your Definition of "Family" and "Room"
Family Room Paint
Family room: is this term a vestige of the past? Hardly. Even though it doesn't exist in quite the same way--the place to watch Ed Sullivan over our TV dinners--it still hold roughly the same function. It's a comfortable place to sit, talk, read, cruise the Internet, or watch TV--but less formal than a living room.

So, whatever you call it, family room paint has to match the function and feel of the room.

I'm kicking off this family room paint scheme overview with my favorite, Mulling Spice. I like it for two reasons. First, it's a Behr paint, which means it comes from The Home Depot and is reasonably priced. Second, I just like this kind of color for a family room.

From Behr

  • Mulling Spice.
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