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Home Office Colors to Boost Productivity
Home Office Colors
Ralph Lauren Home
Nowadays, workers are increasingly operating out of home offices. Some employees work partial time in home offices, while for others the home office is their only office, 9 to 5.

It doesn't matter if your home office is just for a few hours a week or eight hours a day: you need home office colors that help boost productivity and make you feel comfortable.

One aspect of home office colors that some homeowners desire is the departure from the ordinary. Many of these people have spent years in the conventional, glass-box, cubicle-segmented office environment of drab, dull walls and industrial-strength carpeting, and they desperately want something comfortable and friendly, yet not frivolous.

This home office color from Ralph Lauren Home signals business when business is in order. Yet when it's time to grab the surfboard, it's easy enough to detach oneself from the office and hit the waves.

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Ralph Lauren Home

The Palette - Your Shopping List

  • Walls: Cloud Blue
  • Trim and Ceiling: Picket Fence White
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