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Paint Edgers - Practical or Pretty Worthless?
Shur Line Paint Edger

Shur Line Paint Edger

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Paint edgers: let's start with the warning. Professional painters don't use them. Even DIY painters who know a thing or two tend not to use paint edgers. Basements and tool sheds across North America are filled with paint edgers that have been used only one time.

But given what a pain it is to mask off your trim, baseboards, and other non-paintable areas before painting--and how difficult it is for newbie painters to learn the freehand "cut in" technique--paint edgers start to look like a possibility.

And in fact, some painters really do love paint edgers. So, let's look at a few and find one that's right for your next painting job.

Shur Line Paint Edger With Wheels

This is the ubiquitous paint edger, found at practically all hardware stores. It's cheap in price, and low in quality. The problem is two-fold. The two wheels along the edge that are supposed to track along the trim, ceiling, or other non-painted surface often don't turn and get clogged with paint fast. Second, the paint pad smears, rather than spreads, the paint. Still, it's dirt cheap and sometimes worth a try.


  • Cheap.
  • Disposable.


  • Smears the paint.
  • Wheels clog up.

Buy Direct - Shur Line Paint Edger With Wheels

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