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EdgeMaster Self-Guided Paint Edger Kit
EdgeMaster Paint Edger

EdgeMaster Paint Edger

Copyright/Courtesy EdgeMaster
EdgeMaster paint edger is a middle ground between the Shur Line and the AccuBrush. It shares some basic qualities with the AccuBrush (big roller, shield) and other qualities with Shur Line (cheap). Really, though, the EdgeMaster is little more than a 4-inch paint roller with an attached shield. The shield is not nearly as big as the AccuBrush shield.


  • Roller type won't smear.
  • Has a paint shield.


  • Paint shield can cut into wall surface.
  • Shield too small.
How to order? If EdgeMaster has a corporate website, I haven't found it. Get on your favorite search engine and search for "EdgeMaster paint edger."
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