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Wall Color Ideas: Making a Subtle Impression
wall color ideas

Valspar Colors: Baking Stone, Fresh Cotton, Hibiscus Tea and Rich Mahogany.

Copyright Valspar
If you're like me, you cannot come up with creative ideas in a vacuum. That's why it helps to have a few wall color ideas laid out for you.

While some of these wall colors may look better in kitchens, baths, dining rooms, or other spaces, I have tried to make this as universal as possible. This is because, in the majority of houses, wall color is continuous throughout the house.

Some blues and greens, while fine in the limited space of a bathroom, may be too aggressive for the rest of the house.

Consider This: Wall Color Ideas

  1. Multiple Colors: Multiple color schemes are fun to apply the first time, but can be difficult to maintain. You'll have ten cans of paint in the basement. Colors frequently get discontinued by the manufacturer. And it's often seen as a trend of the early 2000s that has seen its day. On the other hand, multiple colors can instantly snazz up an otherwise dull, ordinary house. Take your pick.
  2. Continuous Colors: Is this the "boring" option? Not necessarily. Add sparkle and interest to whole-house color schemes by addressing other elements, such as trim, mantels, and baseboards.
  3. Color and Mood: Think color doesn't affect mood? Just try living in a hunter-green house (though some people might like this). Conversely, brighter neutrals can often be just as featureless.
Shown here is a rich, coordinated assortment of colors from Valspar: Baking Stone, Fresh Cotton, Hibiscus Tea and Rich Mahogany.
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