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How to create a stipple texture


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Why Use a Stipple Texture?
Some people like textured walls and ceilings. Stippled texture is an acquired taste—or sometimes a taste born of necessity.

If I had to estimate, I would say that the majority of homeowners would choose a smooth texture on their walls and ceilings. Smooth textures are preferred because they do not create any kind of shadows on the walls.

Wall texturing creates small shadows due to the bumps and depressions. While these shadows do not matter much in direct light, they lengthen as the light source moves at a sharper angle to the wall. This darkens the overall shade of the wall, thus darkening the room.

Yet for that very reason, textured walls and ceilings have their place: they hide imperfections better. If you have improperly-hung Sheetrock on your walls or ceilings—seams, bulges, sags, or depressions--you can go a long ways towards hiding these imperfections by the use of texturing.

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