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Online Paint Visualizers

A List of Paint Tools Available Online


Time was, if you wanted to visualize what your kitchen would look like with a new paint scheme, you can to close your eyes and imagine. Now, all you have to do is log onto an online paint visualizer tool and see exactly (well, almost exactly) what the rooms will look like after painting.

Note: Some of these links may not go directly to the color tool, but to one level prior, because direct links to these color viewers change often. However, I will try to direct you to the correct place.

1. Benjamin Moore - Personal Color Viewer™

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore
Like many other online paint tools, this one is "Powered By" Swatchbox, which is a good thing. However, it's a pretty ponderous tool, so make sure your machine and/or Internet connection is up to it. Lots of sample room pictures to choose from. Secret tip: On the drop-down menu, click on Interior Combinations for ready-made palettes.

2. Valspar Digital Painter

A nice, easy-to-use online paint tool. Recommended. Definitely one paint tool I return to frequently.

3. Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer

Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams
A great online paint tool from the paint company that Covers the World. One distinguishing feature of the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer is that it lets you upload your own photos and add paint colors.
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