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Toilet Flange Extender

Makes It Easy to Install New Bathroom Flooring Without Worry


Toilet Flange

Toilet Flange

Public Domain - Courtesy City of San Jose
When remodeling your bathroom, installation of new flooring is often a priority. In many cases, the new flooring is installed on top of the old flooring.

Problem: Higher Floor

Adding another layer of flooring raised the total height of the floor. Even if it is a one-for-one replacement, chances are good that the floor may be higher.

As soon as you attempt to re-install the toilet on this newer, higher floor, you may find that there is leakage at the very bottom because the seal isn't tight.

Flange Extender Bridges Distance

The solution is easy: get a flange extender from your local hardware store. This easy-to-install, inexpensive item ensures a tight seal at the bottom if your new surface will stand half an inch or higher above the existing toilet flange. Simply caulk in with silicone sealer (or rubber gasket, if the package comes with one) and you're done!

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