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Are Simonton Windows Good?


Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows - Double Hung Picture Window with "Obscure Glass"

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Question: Are Simonton Windows Good?
That was just about the extent to the reader's question, so I'll have to leave it at that. It's a blanket question, so I can really only give a blanket answer.
Answer: Since 98% of the questions that come my way deal with replacement windows, I'll assume that's what we're discussing. Replacement windows go in existing homes; new construction windows go in new homes or additions to existing homes.
  • Simonton windows are all vinyl windows.
  • Vinyl windows are fine. They last forever and never need to be painted (the flipside, of course, is that you cannot paint vinyl windows with much effectiveness).
  • Simonton brand has been around since 1946, pretty much in the same form. It's part of Fortune Brands Home & Security, which also include Master Lock, Moen,, and Therma-Tru. All trusted names.
  • Lots of replacement window companies push Simonton, for whatever reason. My theory is that Simonton has fewer post-installation customer complaints. Because even though window defect complaints should go straight back to the manufacturer in the form of a warranty claim, the installation companies tend to bear the brunt of this. Also, Simonton has a well-oiled distribution chain between it and the retailers, which means that retailers get windows faster and with fewer problems.
  • Like many other window manufacturers, Simonton is continually improving the quality of its vinyl windows. In days of old, "vinyl window" was synonymous with "bad." No longer. It's possible to buy pricey vinyl replacement windows, too, so be careful when shopping. This applies to all brands, not just Simonton.
  • You're going to be buying Simonton windows through authorized dealers, not directly.
I know of no reason not to buy Simonton windows. If anybody has any reason, let me know.
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