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Attractive Home Recycling Bins


You've committed to recycling at home, but there isn't enough space under your kitchen sink to separate your papers from your plastics and glass. Setting up separate recycling bins is a great way to stay on track, but you're not thrilled with the idea of having several trash bins on display in your kitchen. Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive home recycling bin options and one is sure to fit your kitchen's aesthetic.

1. Suncast Recycle Bin Set of 3

Colorful Recycle Bin Set
Suncast Corporation

Suncast's set of three recycling bins is color coded to make separating items easy and adds a little cheer to your kitchen. Don't they look like Legos? These stackable units also save valuable floor space.

2. Neu Home 12-Gallon Recycle Bin

Stainless Steel Recycle Bin
Neu Home

If sleek and modern is more your style, this stainless steel recycle bin from Neu home features subtly color coded compartments to make separating your recycling a snap. The best part is you don't even have to bend over!

3. Simple Human Front Load Recycler

Front Load Recycler
Simple Human

Keep 'em separated with these front load bins. Discreet black or gray blends into the background, and a round opening is convenient for bottles and cans. For stowing bigger items, simply lift the lid. These bins can be stored side by side or stacked, and they have a larger capacity than most home recycling bins.

4. Recyclebags Recycle Bin 3-pc. Set

Modern Recycling Bags

Instead of a bin, why not a bag? These stylish recycling bags feature magnetic closures and rope handles. The monochromatic gray scheme doesn't scream "recycling!" and thanks to the graphics on the side, you'll never forget which bag is which. These bags can easily be packed up and carried to the curb on recycling day, or folded and tucked away when not in use.

5. Gaiam Folding Recycle Bags

Budget Friendly Recycling Bags

A more budget friendly but still attractive option by Gaiam is also equally as portable. These bags stand upright and stick together with velcro tabs.

6. Simple Human Pull Out Duo

Pull Out Recycling
Simple Human

If you're still not convinced that recycle bins can be attractive or you have a small kitchen, opt for a pull-out version. This model by Simple Human provides two separate bins, which can be used for trash and recycling or recycling only. Just don't let out of sight become out of mind.

7. Build Your Own Recycle Bin

Customize Your Kitchen Cabinet to Accommodate Recycling
ikea hacker

For those who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, building your own recycle bin allows for the highest level of customization. Steal this idea from Ikea Hacker and cut holes in your existing counter top. Wooden plates were cleverly adopted as lids to control odors. Below, bins or bags catch and store all of your recycling until you are ready to take it out.

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