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Bathroom Shower Ideas


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Bathroom Shower Ideas You Can Use
Bathroom Shower Ideas
If you're looking for bathroom shower ideas, the first thing to decide is which type of shower you would like: tiled, prefabricated man-made materials, or a combination.

Begin: Sumptuous Tumbled Stone Shower With a Seat

5 Bathroom Shower Types

  1. All Tile: Created from scratch by tile installers. Your own imagination is the limit. The pan (or floor) is also tile.
  2. Tile With Pan: Because tile pans are difficult to create, DIY tilers often use one-piece prefabricated tile pans. This also keeps the angle of drainage consistent.
  3. Single-Piece Prefab Units: Expensive, but seams are reduced or eliminated altogether. Keep in mind that single-piece units may be difficult to get into an older home with limited access.
  4. Corner Multipiece Prefab Showers: Relatively inexpensive units which have two walls of glass and allow for maximum light. You can either pair up the glass walls with two tiled walls or use prefab wall unit panels.
  5. Multi-Piece Prefab Shower: These multi-piece wall units are easy to get through doors and easy to install.
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