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Grout Remover Tool

What Is The Best Tool For Removing Grout Without Removing Tile?


dremel rotary tool
Grout can be a pain to clean. At this stage, many homeowners begin to consider whether or not they should just take out all the grout and re-grout.

The motivation is especially high if the grout is showing any signs of cracking.

What's the best way to remove grout without damaging the tile? Are there are grout remover tools? Let's look at the top 3 grout remover tools.

3. Grout Getter

The Grout Getter is little more than a souped-up screwdriver (itself another type of cheap grout removal tool). Rather than a screwdriver's flat head, the Grout Getter has a triangular head to better fit into the seams between tile. I wouldn't remove an entire floor of grout with the Grout Getter, but it's good for small areas and especially for patches where the grout is already flaking out.

2. Ridgid JobMax Combo

With the Ridgid 12v Lithium-Ion Drill/Jobmax Combo, you get more than a grout removal tool. You get a conventional pistol-grip drill, along with a power base that comes with multiple heads for doing practically anything. The saw attachments are handy for cutting out grout, yet staying well away from the tile itself.

1, Dremel® Rotary Tool and Grout Removal Kit

Running in the $20-$25 range, the Dremel® Grout Removal Kit pairs up with the electric Dremel Rotary Tool. The kit includes a grout removal guide and 1 carbide grout removal bit. Dremel Rotary Tools run around $100.

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