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PEI Rating: Durability and Hardness Rating for Tile


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Question: PEI Rating: Durability and Hardness Rating for Tile
What is a PEI rating for porcelain and ceramic tile?
Answer: The PEI rating helps you determine the hardness and durability for tile. This is important because not all tile can be used in all areas.

Tile that experiences much foot traffic should be harder and denser than than that receives no foot traffic. Tile installed on a wall receives no foot traffic and, in fact, almost no wear of any kind.

PEI = Porcelain Enamel Institute

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, headquartered in Norcross, GA, is "dedicated to advancing the common interests of porcelain enameling plants and suppliers of porcelain enameling materials and equipment," according to its website. The PEI has been representing the interests of porcelain enamellers since 1930.

PEI Ratings: From One to Five

  • PEI Class 1 Rating: No foot traffic. Wall use only in residential and commercial applications.
  • PEI Class 2 Rating: Light traffic. Both wall use and bathroom floor applications.
  • PEI Class 3 Rating: Light to moderate traffic. Countertops, walls, and floors for normal foot traffic.
  • PEI Class 4 Rating: Moderate to heavy traffic. All residential applications as well as medium commercial and light institutional.
  • PEI Class 5 Rating: Heavy to extra heavy traffic. All residential and heavy commercial and institutional foot traffic.
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