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Tile Calculator - "The Tile Estimator"

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Tile Calculator

Tile Calculator

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The Bottom Line

An amazing tile calculator. In a world filled with tile calculators that do essentially what you can do with paper and pencil, the Tile Estimator, by Warmly Yours, offers a free, visual, Flash-based calculator that truly is helpful.


  • Visual representation of your tiling plans
  • Drag and drop (no need to plug in numbers)
  • Lets you account for non-tile areas within the main tile area
  • Multiple arrangements of tile available (diagonal, brick-like, etc.)
  • Report at end gives you number of tiles and amount of grout and thinset


  • Tool still in development (but still functional)


  • Visual tile calculator
  • Drag walls (no need to plug in numbers)
  • Automatic report at end that estimates tile, thinset, and grout
  • Generates estimate for radiant heating (still in development)

Guide Review - Tile Calculator - "The Tile Estimator"

Sure you can calculate tiles, grout, and thinset in your head. No problem. As long as the floor area is square and the tiles are 12". But that's not a real-world scenario. In the real world, there are many complicating factors: tiles of varying sizes and thicknesses; grout lines of different sizes; a variety of tile layouts; and so on. Now what?

Most online tile calculators are pretty weak, admit it. You've seen 'em. Input room width, room length, and it will tell you that your room area is 120 square feet. Gee, thanks. A fifth grader could tell you that.

Nicolas Mottet of Warmly Yours hired software programmers to develop a turbo-charged, Flash-based tile calculator that accounts for all of these persnickety details. Not only that, but it's all graphic. You drag wall lines to their intended places, select tile layout configurations with a click of the mouse, drag wall angles around, and even subtract tile cutouts from the tile area (i.e., a kitchen island or counter).

I searched in vain for some downside to the tool. After all, I had to find something. About the only thing I could find is that the tool still appears to be in the finishing stages. At the end of the tool, you get a neat little report that not only estimates tile but gives you estimated thinset and grout amounts. As this is intended as a selling vehicle for Warmly Yours (radiant heating), there is a plug for the company--but it's very discreet and polite. The downside, then, is that the tool gives you an estimate for radiant heating, but this link results in a dead-end. We assume that the link will be fixed in the near future, and we will update you when this happens.

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 1 out of 5
No metric, Member dc1500

Designed for people who think you can only buy square tiles. Hopeless really unless you are in some antiquated country that hasn't gone metric yet.

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