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Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Fresh New Look


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Clean Living: White Mosaic Tile - 1" x 2"
American Olean White Mosaic Tile 1

American Olean White Mosaic 1" x 2"

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Aesthetically, the opposite of our previous baroque tile idea. This is a clean, crisp design--but not as sterile as it may seem from a distance: the floor mosaic has an attractive light "salt and pepper" speckling.

This is perfectly suitable for a do-it-yourself project. Mosaics are clusters of multiple tiles set on a single backing, so no need to install thousands of little tiles separately.

  • Walls - Unglazed Mosaic in Ice White 1" x 2"
  • Floor - Salt and Pepper Mosaic

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Shop Direct - American Olean Ice White

American Olean - Salt and Pepper

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