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Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Fresh New Look


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Travertine Tile Surround Around the Tub
Travertine Tile Tub Surround

Travertine Around the Tub

© Eleganza
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One of the greatest and oldest ideas around is to "break out of the box." Who said bathroom tile has to be square?

These Travertine-series tiles from Eleganza are anything but. At 10" x 13", these tiles lend a feeling of spaciousness and grandeur to any bathroom. If you feel that these beige-inspired field units are too...beige, all you need to do is add a fancy listello like the 3" x 10" one shown here. Listello is a word for a fancy filigree that breaks up the monotony of large expanses of field tile, among other functions.

All in Eleganza's Travertine series: Beige field on top, Mocha field on bottom,with listello slicing through the middle. Also used here, but not shown in the photo: quarter-round and bullnose.

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