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Wall Tile Ideas: Bathroom ala Mod?
bathroom wall tile ideas

Great Wall Tile from Dal-Tile

Copyright Dal-Tile
Looking for wall tile ideas? Wall tile is typically used for kitchen backsplashes, shower and bathtub surrounds, or for entire walls within bathrooms (due to tile's superior ability to withstand moisture).

Note that wall tile installs and behaves differently than floor tile: the emphasis is on aesthetics and moisture-resistance. It's not necessary to consider wearability, because no one will ever walk on wall tile.

Also note that if you have ever installed floor tile, you might think that wall tile is a piece of cake. Gravity is the gremlin of wall tile installation, as tiles that are not securely adhered will begin slipping downward. In particular, heavier ceramic tile and natural stone may prove difficult for DIY tilers to install as wall tile.

Wall Tile Idea Shown:

From Dal-Tile, Stone á la Mod in Block Random Uptown Blend and Glass Reflections in White Ice.

Like this wall tile? Check out our close up.

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