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Master Mechanic Swift Driver Review
A look at a new ratcheting screwdriver, the Master Mechanic Swift Driver.

Valspar Bonding Primer - Contractors Primers
A review of Valspar Bonding Primer.

Ridgid 12v Lithium-Ion Drill/Jobmax Combo
Review of Ridgid 12v Lithium-Ion Drill/Jobmax Combo.

Buy a Rubber Mallet: Advice and Product Guide
In praise of one of the best tools around: the rubber mallet. While the rubber mallet is not the most essential tool in the world, it’s sure nice to have…and here’s why.

Rockwell Jawhorse
We cast a critical eye on the Rockwell Jawhorse. Is this Jawhorse worth purchasing?

Drywall Screws
Drywall screws are the new duct tape: their usage extends far beyond their original intent. But you may be surprised to hear that you can actually use drywall screws for hanging drywall.

Let's find out basic drywall screw lengths, threads, and brands that can help you install drywall on your next home remodeling project.

Scotch Tough Duct Tape
Check out our review of Scotch Tough Duct Tape and see if Scotch duct tape is right for you.

Rotary Laser Level
Find out about the rotary laser level and how it can help your DIY home remodeling.

Cooper 250 Watt Halogen Worklight - Review
Cooper 250 Watt Halogen Worklight

What Is a Lally Column?
What is a lally column and how are they used in home remodeling projects?

Can I Burn MDF?
Is it safe to burn MDF? What happens if you burn MDF?

Best Tools
What are the world's best tools? Give us your opinion!

The Best Tools for Remodeling
What are the best tools for your workshop? Learn about the best tools - and specifically, the best power tools - for home remodeling and renovation.

Can You Suggest Online Remodeling Calculators?
Need a roof calculator, siding calculator, or tiling calculator? Check out our online remodeling calculator round-up!

Twist-n-Seal(R) Caulking Gun Accessory
Want to remove the caulk plug that forms at the end of a tube of caulk? How about avoiding it in the first place?

World's Worst Tools
World's Worst Tools

Instant Lock Washers for When You Run Out
How can you make an instant lock washer when you have run out of "real" lock washers? It's easy if you know the trick.

The World's 5 Worst Tools
Follow us on our countdown of the world's 5 worst tools. Bad tools abound in home renovation, and we cover them here.

Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit Review
Here's an honest-to-goodness Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit review. Find out everything you wanted to know about the Skil® Lithium Ion 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit.

Cordless Nailer - Are You Ready for It or Not?
Are you ready to step up to a cordless nailer? Cordless nailers are not right for everyone (maybe it's not the right time for you). Choose a cordless nailer based on your needs, not your desires.

Make Your Own Wood Putty
Making your own wood putty is not so much a money saver but a way to (nearly) perfectly match your existing wood. Find out how.

In Praise of the Rubber Mallet and Why You Want One
In praise of one of the best tools around: the rubber mallet. While the rubber mallet is not the most essential tool in the world, it’s sure nice to have…and here’s why.

Cordless Power Tools to Buy for Yourself or For a Gift
Want a product "tour" of all the best cordless power drills, reciprocating saws, grinders, nailers, circular saws, and vacuums out there?

What is a Nail Set?
What is a nail set and how is it used in finish carpentry?

How to Use a Chalk Snap Line
Using a chalk snap line is one of the best ways to "draw" a line between two points, without using a ruler.

Stanley Tools Clamp Miter Box and Saw
We take a close look at one of the cheaper miter boxes on the market, the familiar yellow Stanley miter box and saw combination.

Black & Decker 150pc Accessory Set Project Kit Review
A cornucopia of drill bits, spades, sockets, and other goodies in the Black & Decker 150pc Accessory Set Project Kit. Do you get what you pay for?

Supercharge Your Learning Process with Interior Painting Videos
What better way to learn interior painting than these crisp, succinct videos from About Home Renovations? Supercharge your learning in these instructive installments!

Wonderboard - Basics and Review
Wonderboard is the brand name for a cement backer board for wet applications, mostly under tile? What is Wonderboard, and is it any good?

How to Use Anchor Screws
Anchor screws should be used for hanging heavy objects on a wall, such as a large picture or a mirror. These allow you to hang items virtually anywhere, without having to sink the screw into a stud.

Framing Hammer Basics
Framing hammers are not typically found in the DIY toolbox, but it may be worth the investment if you are serious about home renovation.

Little Giant Ladder - Product Review
Does the Little Giant Ladder--a staple of late-night infomercials--really work? Check out our Little Giant Ladder review.

What's Microlam or LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)?
What's a microlam and how does it fit into your home renovation plans?

How to Rip Wood on a Table Saw
Ripping wood on a table saw is one of the very reasons you bought a table saw in the first place. But how do you rip wood on a table saw and do it safely, too?

ZipWall Dust Barrier Product Review
I set up the ZipWall barrier system to see how well it prevents construction dust from infiltrating the rest of the house.

Puzzle Floor Product Review
Review of an unusual new flooring product--Puzzle Floor.

Tool Profile: Caulking Gun
An overview of a critical tool: the caulking gun.

Parts Profile: Plumber's Putty
Critical to many plumbing jobs, including garbage disposal installation.

Parts Profile: Parts to Connect Garbage Disposal to Sink
Check out the parts you'll be using when installing a garbage disposal.

RIDGID 6 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum Review
Check out our RIDGID Shop Vacuum Review for the Ridgid WD0670 vac.

Stanley® FatMax® Retractable Knife: Maddening Set-Up But Decent Operation
Is the Stanley® FatMax® Retractable Utility Knife any good? Check out our review of this utility knife from Stanley.

Arrow T50 Manual Staple & 1" Brad Gun
A review of the Arrow T50 Staple Gun.

How To Read a Tape Measure
Find out the easy way to read a tape measure, even if you hate math.

Readers Speak: RIDGID Tools Safety Problems
Readers weigh in on the issue of safety problems with RIDGID power tools.

Tiling Tools - Guide to the 9 Basics
Here's your guide to 9 basic tiling tools you should purchase upfront if you expect to do any significant tiling on your home.

Pegboard Tool Holder Review: Crawford 3 in 1 Tool Holder
A review of the Lehigh/Crawford 3 in 1 Tool Holder

B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammer Review
A review of the 8 lb. B.A.S.H. Sledge Hammer (which stands for Big Ass Sledge Hammer).

Hart Framing Hammers
Featured: Hart brand framing hammers in both hickory and steel handle versions.

Tools For Cutting Tile
Here is a list of tools for cutting tile: rail tile cutters, nippers, wet tile saws, and more.

Review of Bosch Laser Distance Measurer GLM 50
We test and review the Bosch Laser Distance Measurer GLM 50.

Lowe's Solar Path Light Portfolio
A review of the Lowe's Portfolio LED path light.

3M WorkTunes Review
A review of the ultimate in hearing protection: 3M WorkTunes.

10 Most Overrated Remodeling Materials and Tools
Keeping a running list of materials and tools commonly thought to be indispensable for home remodeling--but which are vastly overrated.

Readers Comment on World's Most Overrated Remodeling Materials and Tools
Readers, let us know what you think about our article about overrated materials and tools.

Most Underrated Remodeling Materials and Tools
Here's a list of tools and materials for home remodeling that few people ever think they should have--but I do!

It's All About Comfort: Talking Workshop Safety with Lou Manfredini
A conversation with home improvement expert Lou Manfredini about why comfortable safety products can help keep you safer.

Plastic Building Materials
Where can you buy plastic building products? How can you use them on your house?

Apply Wood Putty For a Strong Bond
Instructions on how to use putty not just to fill wood but to make a strong bond.

HomeRight SteamMachine Review
Review of HomeRight's SteamMachine.

Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sanding Kit Review
Can you really eliminate drywall sanding dust? Review of the Hyde Dust-Free Drywall Sanding Kit.

I feature a nifty new product called PaintSmart-Trayz that helps you paint with a roller on a ladder.

Painters Masking Film
If you have any serious painting project lined up, you need to use masking film to cover windows, doors, and more. Find out about masking film.

Easy Mask® Tape & Drape™ Review

QuickMask Masking Film Review

Paint Sprayer Review: HomeRight Power-Flo Pro Piston Pump Sprayer

Klein Side Cutting Pliers

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