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Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Copyright/Courtesy Milwaukee Tools
Definition: A Sawzall - what is it? The short answer is that a Sawzall is an electric reciprocating saw made by Milwaukee Tools.

But that is not entirely correct, because a "Sawzall" is also a "sawzall." Over the years the Sawzall has become ubiquitous for any kind of reciprocating saw, Milwaukee-made or not. You will hear plumbers say to each other, "Hand me the sawzall, Tim," even though you can clearly see that the reciprocating saw was made by De Walt (as a random example).

Note: In print, Sawzall always should be capitalized and have the little (R) symbol after it.

Common Misspellings: sawsall, sazall, sawzzal, saws all, saws-all
Stop cutting that pipe or that Sawzall blade is going to overheat and snap off!

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