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Twist-n-Seal(R) Caulking Gun Accessory

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Twist-n-Seal from RapidPro

Twist-n-Seal from RapidPro

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The Bottom Line

A neat little (and inexpensive) accessory for caulk that you didn't know you needed: a twist-in plug to seal caulk tube nozzles.
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  • Cheap.
  • Fulfills a need you didn't know you had.
  • Does what it claims to do - saves your caulk.
  • Simple to use.


  • Cross-shaped end can be difficult to turn.


  • 5 bright-orange plugs made just for plugging up caulking nozzles.
  • Threaded ends allow you to screw in the Twist-n-Seal, instead of jamming it straight in/out.
  • Saves you the considerable expense (and time) of buying new caulk.
  • Also works for foam sealant and squeeze tubes.

Guide Review - Twist-n-Seal(R) Caulking Gun Accessory

Let's face it: caulk is expensive. You don't want to waste it.

How many times have you eagerly picked up the caulking gun, ready to tackle that bathtub project--only to find that you cannot remove the dried-out plug of caulk in the nozzle?

Sure, the ubiquitous DAP Alex Painter's Latex, found in every Home Depot in the world, is relatively inexpensive. But good-quality 100% kitchen/bath pure silicone isn't something you want to see go to waste.

Worse, the entire tube of caulk has petrified, entailing a trip to the hardware store for more caulk.

Rapid Pro, a manufacturer of numerous helpful gadgets, has solved the problem with a cool little gadget called Twist-n-Seal. Twist-n-Seal is remarkably simple--an orange plastic plug for your caulk nozzle.

At first glance, it looks like something you could just jeri-rig from workbench scraps.

Well, just try. Believe me, over the years I have tried plugging caulk nozzles with:

  • Nails (Forget it - nails don't sufficiently plug the nozzle).
  • Wood scraps from my table/miter saws (Nope - caulk adheres quite well to wood).
  • Nailsets (I cannot believe I subjected my beloved nailset to this torture).
  • Twisted-up pieces of cardboard (No comment - you can probably see the failure of this method).
  • Nothing - (Forget this - you cannot just "squeeze it back out." This isn't Kraft Easy Cheese, you know).
Enter Twist-n-Seal. Twist it in, twist it out. And caulk doesn't stick very well at all to Twist-n-Seal's slippery surface--a real plus.

Buy it, toss it in your toolbox, and be done with it.

The only "con" is a small one: the cross-shaped handle is a bit hard to turn out. It seems like a wing-nut shape would allow you to get better leverage. But you can always introduce pliers, if you find it too difficult to turn.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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