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How To Read a Tape Measure


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How To Read a Tape Measure: This Is a Test, This Is Only a Test...
How to Read a Tape Measure
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So, now you know how to read a tape measure? Good. Look at the five marks above and tell me the measurement for each mark.


  1. 6 inches.
  2. 6 1/2 inches.
  3. 5 1/4 inches.
  4. 6 7/8 inches.
  5. 5 7/16 inches (or in my mind, it's "5 1/2 inches and down a nudge").

More Tips About Reading and Using a Tape Measure

  • Measure twice, cut once. Better yet, measure thrice, cut once.
  • Whether hooking the tape or butting it, make sure you do so firmly. Often, this little hook is uncooperative about sliding as it should.
  • Don't let the tape roll back into place at full-force. You can badly cut your finger and damage the tape. Instead, slowly reel it back.

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