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How To Read a Tape Measure


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How To Read a Tape Measure: Run For The Hills, It's The One Sixteenth Inch Mark
How to Read a Tape Measure
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As if the one-eighths inch mark wasn't small and confusing enough, we go even one smaller: the one-sixteenth inch mark.

Confused? Panicked? Me, too. So, let me make you feel better:

Forget the one sixteenth inch mark.

You will rarely measure down this small. But if you do, I'll let you in on my little trick for reading these minuscule marks:

I call it the "nudge up, nudge down" method.

So, the measurement shown here is 1 foot, 1 1/16 inch. But in my head I call it "one foot, one inch...and nudge it up a hair."

Whatever works for you.

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