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Essential Painting Supplies: Paint Brush Comb
Paint Brush Comb

Hyde Paint Brush Comb

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For years I scoffed at paint brush combs. I felt that I was too good for paint brush combs; that I could clean my paint brushes well enough without the help of some plastic comb-thingy.

Then I began to take note of how many paint brushes I was throwing away on a regular basis. And of the paint brushes I retained, I noticed how many of them sported dried-out, crackly bristles--practically useless. Those "keepers" I only kept around for a few projects before tossing.

Then, one day, I tossed an inexpensive paint brush comb into my shopping basket as my favorite Big Box Home Improvement Store. I've used it ever since.

What Does a Paint Brush Comb Do?

My paint brush comb has two cleaning areas: one side with short bristles much like those found on a vacuum cleaner roller, and a second side with large-toothed comb tines. I have yet to find a use for the fine bristles (sometimes I will brush off my paint brush handle), but the wide tines are valuable.

After I remove the bulk of the paint from my brush, I gently whisk in warm, soapy water, as is recommended by the brush manufacturer (polyester bristles). Next, under running water, I comb out the brush's bristles with the thick tines for about two minutes.

Every brush stroke allows the water to course between the bristles, pulling out even more paint.

Review of Hyde Paint Brush Comb and Roller Cleaner

About.com's Ergonomics Guide, Chris Adams, has a review of the Hyde Paint Brush Comb and Roller Cleaner on his site. He estimates it will cut your clean-up time by 75%.

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