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Cordless Nailer


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Compressed Gas Cordless Finish Nailers: Faster Repeat, Longer Run Time
Paslode Cordless Nailer

Paslode Cordless Nailer

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When you cut the air hose, that doesn't mean that compression as a means of driving nails entirely goes away. With some nailers, replaceable gas canisters fill up a chamber. The chamber is right above the piston (or firing pin).

When the electric charge from the battery ignites the gas, it explodes and moves the piston and drives the nail.

Paslode and Hitachi are two manufacturers that use this technology.

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  • Fast nail repeat time. You do not have to wait several seconds for a recharge.
  • Longer run time throughout the day.


  • Some users complain of the smell of the compressed gas.
  • Replenishing the gas canisters.

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