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Installing Chair Rail
Chair Rail

Chair Rail

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The reason why chair rail is so frequently installed it that it's the ultimate DIY project. Few tools are needed, and almost anybody can do it.

Even though chair rail is fairly pricey stuff, you won't be using a lot of it. Still, you don't want to waste any of this precious product by making mistakes with installation.

How to Install Chair Rail

  1. Measure between 32" and 36" from the floor to the area on your wall where you intend to install the chair rail.
  2. Make measurements at each end of a wall, and snap a chalk line between the two measurements.
  3. Along the chalk line, determine where the vertical wall studs fall. In most houses, they should fall ever 16" on-center. An electronic or magnetic stud finder will help you find the studs.
  4. Cut your chair rail the length of the wall. Square-cut each end (i.e., a 90 degree angle).
  5. Nail the chair rail along the chalk line, placing nails at each stud. Use 1 1/4" finish nails, sinking each nail (very carefully) with a nailset. Or, use a power nailer.
  6. Install chair railing at adjoining walls by coping the chair rail meeting your installed chair rail. See this video about installing crown molding which also shows how to make cope cuts.
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