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Wood Trim Basics


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Wood Trim - Baseboards and Base Molding

High, 8" Raw Wood Baseboard

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A decorative and functional type of wood trim that runs along the very base of walls, thus the name baseboards or base molding.


  • Provide a visual "stop".
  • Keep dirt from getting under walls.
  • Prevent vermin/insects from getting into house.
  • Beautify the ragged bottom edge of the wall.
  • Prevent bottom edge of wall from getting broken.


  • Usually in heights of 2" to 8", though higher base molding can be found.
  • Can be either built-up (separate pieces) or one-piece.
  • Thinner baseboards are easier to curve to the walls.
  • Thicker baseboards can have deep, attractive profiles (designs).
  • Available in bare wood, primed wood, MDF, and polystyrene.
  • Usually require the addition of quarter-round at the base of the baseboard to cover up the gap between the baseboard and floor.
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