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Mannington Adura: Blurring the Line Between Resilient and Real


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Corsica Tile: Real or Resilient?
Mannington Adura Corsica

Mannington Adura Corsica

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When I first wrote this article a few years ago, I stated:

Mannington's Adura fills a narrow gap between laminate, engineered, and ceramic tile flooring. They produce resilient flooring that is making inroads in those three areas because it is increasingly looking and behaving like the real thing.

Way back in those "olden days," there was barely a category of flooring that fit that description.  And, as I said, it was a "narrow gap."

Flash Forward...

That was then; this is now.  Now there is a name for it all, and it is called luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).  That "narrow gap" has since expanded to become a giant piece slice of the flooring market.  Not only ago, major retailer Lumber Liquidators pushed laminate as it's main looks-like-wood (but isn't) flooring alternative.  Now, LVF has crept up to match the number of laminate offerings with that retailer.

Tile and Plank Offerings

Mannington is one of the older names in flooring (begun in 1915, its full name is Mannington Mills) and Adura is one of the older names in LVF.

Adura comes in the two forms that distinguish all LVF on the market:

  1. Tile Shaped:  Meant to look like ceramic tile, it also has one of tile's most popular sizes--16” x 16” squares.  A couple of years ago, they introduced a 12” x 24” that makes installation about twice as fast as with 12" x 12" tiles.
  2. Plank Shaped:  Meant to mimic wood in 4" x 36", 5" x 48", and 6" x 48" sizes.

Adura Corsica Tile

Shown here is an example of tile-type Adura.  Corsica is designed to look a bit rough and natural with its tumbled edge appearance.  Real tumbled edge stone is lightly run through a tumbled to soften down the sharp edges and make it look vintage.

This flooring, they say, must be installed with Adura grout.  Grout on resilient tile is superfluous, but it does make it more realistic. No, it's not the cement-based grout you may have worked with before when laying ceramic tile, but a special acrylic grout.

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