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Want to know the easy way to install crown molding? Can you "cut in" paint around door trim? Do you know how to sand drywall and keep dust to a minimum? Or do you just want to hire someone to do all of that while you relax in your hammock? Learn about these and more in our Walls, Ceiling, and Trim section.
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What is tileboard and should you consider remodeling your kitchen or bathroom with tileboard?

Closet Organization Ideas
Get great closet organization ideas from California Closets.

Cottage Style Bedroom
Learn how to create a cottage style bedroom. Easy ways to make a cottage style bedroom out of an ordinary bedroom.

Dining Room Design
Here are some dining room designs you can duplicate for your own house: a gallery of dining room design pictures.

Home Office Design Ideas
Get great ideas for home office design ideas. Use home office designs here and duplicate for your own office.

Retro Wallpaper
Find out about how to snazz up your house period-style with retro wallpaper.

Within the world of home remodeling, what is a shim? How are shims defined?

Wood Paneling - Two Types of Wood Paneling that Look Fine
Not all wood panelling is bad. Learn about 2 types of wood paneling that go up fast and look terrific.

...would [it] be wise to convert a 3rd BR into a small office and laundry...?
Should I convert my spare bedroom into an office and laundry room? Would I lose value if I convert my bedroom into an office/laundry?

Soundproof a Room with One Trick: Reducing Airflow
There is one little surprising trick you can use to soundproof a room. Find out how to soundproof a room considerably by doing just one thing that doesn’t cost much money.

Considering Steel Studs? A Few Things You Should Know
Is it easier and cheaper to build an interior wall from steel rather than wood studs? Steel studs may be cheaper but not always easier.

Spackle: How Much Can it Help with Home Remodeling?
Does spackle have a place in home renovation? Or is drywall spackle just a home repair material? Find out.

Dutch Boy Twist & Pour - For the Clean Painter
Quick tip - check out Dutch Boy Twist and Pour paints to make your painting jobs cleaner.

What does the word substrate mean in relation to home remodeling? What are types of substrate surfaces?

How to Reduce Noise in Your Living Space
A reader asks how to reduce noise in his condo. The answer is not an easy one, but by combining a number of methods, you can greatly reduce the sound in your living space.

Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me how to find a stud behind tile?
Studfinders work great on drywall, but what about tile? How do you find a stud located behind tile?

How to Hang Wallpaper
Not as easy as it looks - hanging wallpaper requires a delicate touch and a healthy dose of patience. Learn the basics of how to hang wallpaper.

Build a Wall to Cover Laundry Room Pipes
One of the more irritating aesthetic parts of a laundry room is the messy "spaghetti" of pipes and wires behind the washer and dryer. Learn how to cover them up with a false wall.

Soundproofing Walls By Adding Drywall
I’ve heard that you can soundproof a room just by adding more Sheetrock. True?

Mold Remediation
Mold remediation has become big business in recent years. But is mold remediation worthwhile or is it all just a big witch-hunt?

How to Find a Stud in a Wall
Let's look at the various ways to find a stud within a wall.

Extra Home Improvements While Walls, Floors, and Siding Are Open
Opening up walls, floors, and siding brings also opens up opportunities for extra home improvements.

Sister a Wall Stud Instead of Replacing
Sister a bad wall stud or floor joist rather than tearing out and replacing it.

Q: How to Tilt a Framed Basement Wall Into Place?
I answer a good question about how to tilt a framed wall into place--in a basement.

Wood Wall Paneling
Has wood wall paneling--a staple of the Sixties and Seventies--come back around?

Wall Covering Ideas
Looking for wall covering ideas other than paint? We've got them here--metallic, stone, faux stone, and other creative wall coverings that go beyond mere paint.

How to Remove an Interior Wall (Non Load-Bearing)
Steps you need to take to remove an interior non load-bearing wall.

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