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Drywall - Basic Wall Installation Layout

Wall Stud Arrangement


Image of Drywall Layout

Arrangement of Studs in Wall

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When hanging drywall board on a wall, a number of different layouts are possible. These layouts vary according to the condition of the wall, size of the room, room's function--and sometimes just on the whim on the person hanging the drywall.

However, when fastening drywall, there is one basic layout that any home renovator should consider before all other layouts. With this layout, the drywall is fastened vertically on the wall.

How Wall Studs Are Arranged

Wall studs, the two-by-fours that run vertically within interior walls, are positioned horizontally every sixteen inches on-center.

So, in our illustration, this 16-foot wide wall has 11 studs (not counting the two end studs).

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