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Wall Covering Ideas That Go Beyond Mere Paint and Wallpaper
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Wall Covering Ideas

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Most walls get the usual covering treatment: flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss interior paint. And that's a great thing. You can't go wrong with a nice coat of interior paint.

But what if you're interested in wall covering ideas besides the obvious? Here are some inventive ways to cover a wall.

One word of advice: go easy with these. Some are so highly textured and detailed that covering your entire house with them (or even an entire room) will produce visual overload. So, for some of these coverings, consider installing on an accent wall instead of multiple walls.


  1. Overview
  2. Metallic Wall Coverings
  3. Wood Wainscot
  4. Tile Wainscot
  5. Tile, Floor-to-Ceiling
  6. Metal Ceiling Tiles
  7. Leather Panels
  8. Manufactured Veneer Stone
  9. Faux Stone
  10. Real Wood Paneling
  11. Bamboo Mosaic
  12. Cork Mosaic
  13. Stainless Steel High Pressure Laminates

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