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Skylight Buyer's Guide -
Get some great tips on great skylights to buy.

Get the basics on skylights, and find out if a roof skylight is right for your house.

Gila Window Film
Find out about Gila Window Film in our review.

Exterior Shutters
Exterior shutters can really dress up and otherwise plain house. But what kind of exterior window shutter do you want, how much do they cost, and can you do it yourself?

Double pane window - get it or not for a warm climate?
A reader asks if a double pane window is necessary, because the window company keeps trying to push this on him - even though he is located in a warm climate. Double pane window or not?

"Should I buy fiberglass framed windows? Are they better than vinyl or wood?"
Are fiberglass framed windows worth buying? Are fiberglass windows better than vinyl replacement windows?

A muntin is a strip separating panes of glass. Find out more about muntins here.

Look for Low-E, But Beware Added Costs
Look for low-e coating on replacement windows for greater energy savings.

What Is a Double Hung Window?
The most common style of window available is the double-hung window. But what is it?

The Good Things About Casement Windows
Casement windows are an increasingly popular choice. Find out why.

What Are Casement Windows?
Double-hung and slider windows are the most popular. Why aren't casement windows more popular?

Zen Windows - Doing Replacement Windows Differently
Ever have a four hour sales pitch from a replacement window salesperson? Meet a most unusual replacement window salesman who does things quite differently.

Painted Curtains
How to make painted curtains with stencils, using roller and brush.

Do Replacement Windows Pay For Themselves?
Will replacement windows pay for themselves in energy savings? We run a cost-benefit analysis to see if you can recoup your investment.

Avoid the Cost of Replacement Windows By Retrofitting
Did you know you can save the cost of replacement windows and get almost the same performance by retrofitting your windows? Learn how.

Wood Window Manufacturers
A list of companies that produce wood windows.

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows
Vinyl vs. fiberglass windows: what's the difference, if any?

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