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How to Apply Window Film


Gila Heat Control Window Film

Gila Heat Control Window Film

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If you have bought window film to help control heat loss or gain in your house, you may have questions about how to apply it. Besides recommending that you read the manufacturer's instructions, here are a few tips about applying window film:
  • Invest a couple of bucks in a squeegee. It will make the application process go smoother (yes, the pun is intended!). Sometimes, these window film kits will come with a squeegee.
  • Clean the window before applying the window film.
  • Be careful about what you use to clean the window. Often, ammonia-based cleaners will adversely affect the window film.

When shopping for window film, make sure it is heat control window film. Otherwise, you may end up with a decorative window film that does nothing to help your heat gain/loss.

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