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Why Use a Tapered Brush When Painting Windows?


Purdy Angled Paintbrush

Purdy Angled Paintbrush

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Painting the interior of wood windows is a pain in the you-know-what. I cannot think of a less pleasant job than painting all of that trim and mullions and framing. But one thing that really helps is to paint windows with a sash brush.

Shop Direct - Purdy Angled Nylon Paintbrush

Call it what you may—sash brush, tapered brush—but this paint brush was positively born for painting windows. It is a very exacting process to paint windows, and the tapered end of the sash brush helps you get in those tight and narrow corners between the paintable surface and the non-paintable surface.

So, invest a few dollars in a good tapered or angled brush to make your window-painting go much cleaner and smoother.

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