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Bondera TileMatSet

User Rating 2.5 out of 5
1 out of 5 1 out of 5
tile fallDecember 16, 2012 By JonOffutt
I chose this product based on recommendations from sales team at Lowes. I had about 25 square feet of counter top back splash to install. Approximately 5 hours into the project the tiles I started with were falling off the wall and, not just a couple, but whole sheets. I would put them back up and within minutes they would fall again. In the end, after spending over $103.00 on three sheets of Bondera, I took all of the tile off the wall, bought a $13.00 gallon of premixed ceramic wall tile adhesive and re-set the tiles once and for all. Tiling with the pre-mixed adhesive was just as easy as using the Bondera without the ""tile fall"" drama. I will never use or recommend this product again.
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Great for MosiacsSeptember 23, 2012 By ruby.slprzz
This tile at is terrific for creating mosaics! I create Mosiacs. from my own handmade tiles..... Various shapes and sizes of tiles, many of them less than 1/4 inch in size (circles, squares, triangles, etc). The problem with using thinset with such tiles is that it is impossible to work with small pieces without getting the adhesive on the face of the tiles... And on my hands, which makes handling the tiles even more difficult. Thinset also dries too quickly to allow adding filler pieces within the design .. And Filling small gaps with dabs of thinset is also very messy. I've used a similar product which came on sheets, which was okay until I discovered Bondera. The other product was not as sticky... And would loose its adhesive ability if left exposed to air for very long when creating design. I found it easy to manipulate the tiles once adhered to the Bondera mat, and was easily able to add or remove tiles even 24 hours after initially starting the project (with the exposed adhesive sitting outside in the dusty Arizona sun!) I would cut sections of the Bondera and lay it out as needed.. And I found that I didn't need to use the mat with 100% coverage on the substrate. I could actually cut strips of the mat, laying them out with space I between (as the design allowed). The Bondera was strong enough to hold the tiles even if only a portion of the tile was in direct contact. This effectively lowered the cost of using the mat, since a mosiac measuring 8 sf only used about 4 sf of the tile mat. I'd agree it may not be worth the price for installations using uniform tiles, especially large ones... But for Mosiacs I found it a most efficient choice.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Bondera vs thinsetFebruary 26, 2012 By allyoops45
For all the women out there that like to do things themselves, please take this advice. Do not waste your money on Bondera. It does work yes. But trust me the time and aggravation involved in cutting and prepping the wall is not as quick and easy as one would think. What ever you are using to cut it will get gummed up every time you cut and you will need to remove the sticky residue from your blade before you can cut more. The gridlines on it are impossible and are difficult to use. It took me four hours to prep an section that was 16 feet by 2 feet wide. I ran out because the project changed. So half the wall was done with Bondera and the remaining 16 feet by 2 feet was done with thinset. The thinset was quick and easy and the tile and stone adhered much better on the thinset. I also ran into a problem that no one mentioned in any other reviews. We had just sheetrocked the wall and did not prime the wall. I wiped it down and vaccumed the wall but there were places that the powder from the fresh sheetrock made the bondera not stick and I had to cut ot areas and replace it with new. The greatest part of using thinset is that you can grout whenever its convenient. But the Bondera has to be grouted within 8 hours of sticking the tile and that can make for a long day. I had done my homework, watched every video there was, I called the company and spoke with them and decided that Bondera was for me. Boy was I wrong, the cost was outrageous for the area I did, over 140.00 dollars since the Lowes we have doesnt carry it and it had to be shipped as opposed to 40.00 for thinset. I think that sometimes we look for the least messiest way to get the tile done but it really still is messy, expensive and frustrating.
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Application of tilematSeptember 05, 2011 By danafmay
It took two of us (and I consider ourselves to be tile friendly) 4.5 hours to apply 18 linear feet, 17 inches high under cabinets. I've used the Grace Ice and Water roof materials on the roof and around doors and windows in new construction. The ice and water material is tough to work wrinkle free on a roof and the Bondera is no different. A tough material to work with. I would not consider very DIY friendly. In the nine hours it took us, we could have set the tiles on the wall using mortar or mastic.
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