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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of This Contractor-Matching Service?

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Like it, hate it, ServiceMagic is a dominant force in matching homeowners with contractors. What's your experience with ServiceMagic? Review Now

HomeAdvisor Roofer Quote

I used homeadvisor site to find a roofer and they offered to contact them for a quote. AFTER I filled it out the quote form in good faith, the site told me "they are not available" and without my permission forwarded my entry to another contractor whom I did not wish to contact at this time. Bait and Switch, old as the hills. Disgraceful.
—Guest Angry consumer

Thoughts of a contractor on HomeAdvisor

Quite honestly. I am an electrician. I have a small business and some really loyal customers; why because I treat them well and yes I do get jobs from their friends and family. I worked with a contractor that used ServiceMagic (HomeAdvisor) and went on housecalls. Sometimes even before I got to the house I received calls from the office to cancel because some other contractor beat me to the house or when I got to the house I was the third company already. Good grief. If you as a consumer want a good contractor ask around. Don't jump into a project. Take your time because honest contractors are out there just like me that are hard working and know that you work hard for your money too. I personally will not work with ServiceMagic because they bombard me with calls from their sales office of which I just don't have time for. My option is don't bother with them. I can tell you, it is very hard to give a quote on a job without seeing it. So be weary of quotes over the phone.
—Guest Contractor Thoughts

Tile installation.

I found,Gilbert from, J&G Extravagant tile through ServiceMagic (HomeAdvisor). And from the beginning he gave a quote. The same day. That he look at the job and he has the insurance that is require for commercial work which is a plus he was responsible and on time. Great work.
—Guest Parallel contracting.

Sub Contractors Not Screened

The contractors may be screened but their sub-contractors are not.... illegal immigrants, may be sexual offenders, have criminal records, etc....
—Guest Ozzi

lick and a promise work

I was led to a floor finishing service with glowing reviews. They did a very pedestrian job. They subcontracted and refused to do on site inspection to see what i was complaining about. Very unsatisfied about the work.
—Guest A. Retiree

Very Reliable & worked out fine.

Would just like for anyone interested to know that ServiceMagic/HomeAdvisor referred TNT Contracting in Levittown to me and I was very pleased with the work done on my roof, floor and other things in my home by Tom and co. after hurricane Sandy.
—Guest LaVerne


I was with service magic for years .and I had no problems with them at all . They would refund me on leads I didn't get a chance to quote or even look at . Great company to deal with .
—Guest jay

Waste of time

What a complete waste of time don't bother. Signed up with them and got almost no leads and when I did couldn't contact them or got no reply.
—Guest Paul beckwith

HomeAdvisor Architect Lisburn, CO

Service Magic referred me to Bill Taggart Premier Designs, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. Bill has done a first class, professional job in designing sun lounge, basement and drawing up plans. Would highly recommend him to others. He listened carefully to our requirements and ensured the drawings reflected our needs. We are delighted with the service provided by Premier Designs.
—Guest Mary Quinn

ServiceMagic HomeAdvisor Dead Leads

Paid a high fee for 3 dead end leads. We are licensed Master Electricians & Plumbers. Wasted 5 hours + driving, & one long distance call for the privilege of paying Service Master/Home Advisor Pro. Beware consumers and contractors. This company is a first class rip-off. Contact Nat'. Elect. Contractors Assn. or Mechanical Contractors of America state Offices or Nat'l. Assn. Remodeling Institute (NARI) for legitimate contractors. Submitted by: Pres & Owner Ark. Gas & Electric, Inc.
—Guest R.O. Bowling

Town & Country Pools

ServiceMaster matched me with Chris Janssen, to remove and replace the swimming pool liner in my above-ground pool. Chris came over, measured, and answered my many questions. Showed up on time and did an exemplary job! My pool looks brand new. Professional job. His wife is a sweetie, too! I would wholly recommend Chris Janssen for all pool needs. He is very experienced. I was pleased to find out he also does weekly pool maintenance, too! I am seriously considering that!

ServiceMagic: Caballeros, ElPaso

This contractor [Caballeros Construction] made off with almost $4000.00 of our money and attempted to defraud our insurance company as well. Service Magic recommended them. I don't think they screen well.
—Guest Matched to Crooks

Contractors, your best lead generator is

your work and your word. Complaining about overpaying for leads, when you go in with a low "fixed" bid that gets umped up once the contract is signed and homeowner is committed due to "unforeseen circumstances" (yes, there's always that unforeseen dry rot in the wall which you just drywalled before I got there so I could not see for myself all the new framing you put up!). Doing a crappy job, juggling 5 jobs at a time and disappearing once you get the upfront payment in your hot little hands. You have the nerve to complain about "quality" leads...
—Guest Carol

ServiceMagic Anglian Gardeners

Terrible attitude and clearly didn't want the job, so wasting my time and not reading the request before. and top it off over priced a quote. Just cowboys really.
—Guest annoyed customer

G & S Service and installations

Excellent and efficient installation of new boiler and flushing out whole heating system. Highly recommended for skills, knowledge and fast work. Very tidy, friendly and professional service provided.
—Guest Helen

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