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Readers Respond: What Do You Think of This Contractor-Matching Service?

Responses: 11


Like it, hate it, ServiceMagic is a dominant force in matching homeowners with contractors. What's your experience with ServiceMagic?

They are forcing

Service Magic always forces me to post something. I replied that my painter didn't even start the work. But they kept sending me the same emails. And they never post negative reviews. One time I posted bad reviews for a landscape company. Service Magic called me why I gave them bad reviews. Despite my explanation, they didn't post it.
—Guest Jay

smith contractors

ollerton roofers did a good job and left site clean and tiidy reccomended
—Guest m ichael

Poor Closer Rates (Now HomeAdvisor)

Service Magic (SM) was by far the worst closure rate among all my non-referral lead sources (SEO, print, PPC etc). Where all other non-referral sources are consistently around 1 in 3, SM sources were 1 in 10 (1 in 9.8 to be exact). At $30 dollars per lead, it meant paying $300 to get one signed customer. I do wrought iron rails, fences, gates. Like most everything, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The right way means not taking shortcuts and usually costs more. It seems SM clientele is pre-disposed to looking for cheap providers. Feedback from SM leads that declined quotes were overwhelmingly based on unrealistic price expectations (the kind of prices that means replacing the rails in less than 5 years which I’ve encountered more than once). I was able to lower my prices, though, by dropping Service Magic. The one customer that accepts the bid has to pay for the other 9 that don’t. A business, after all, has to cover all its expenses by charging signed customers not prospects.
—Guest Mind's Eye Fabrication

ServiceMagic Quotes (HomeAdvisor)

I recently used service magic to acquire quotes for my house to be rerendered and painted as with several other internal refurbishments. The "recommended" tradesman who won the quote was unbelievably shoddy. I will be reporting him to trading standards. He came in at initial competitive price, and when he started to charge me extras I referred him to the schedule of works which I had drawn up prior to the work starting and which we had both duly signed. He worked less than 4 hours a day, missed every deadline,was untrusthworthy, did not communicate, lied, and eventually absented himself from the job just as I was about to take him of the job. Fortunately I had the foresight to never paid him in advance although he did aske on several occasions .Having had his work reviewed by several other plasteres since his disappearance I have been told his workmanship is poor and much of it will have to be redone . BEWARE service magic allows anyone on !!!!!!
—Guest joannawestgarthpope

Do business with caution

Been using ServiceMagic for some months now and have only got 3 leads from them. All three leads were excellent. BUT be warned that Service Magic posts advertising for your company with there own phone number and web address. They do not post your actual info. It's a way for them to hijack your customers online. They have done this on WhitePages.com and CitySearch.com and couple others.
—Guest Angry Business Man

They do not verify for insurance!

insurance and workmans comp is not verified for. Buyer Beware!
—Guest treedoc1


I got a fencer named Allan from Dunfermline, Scotland, through your contact. He was excellent for price, manner and skill. Thank you.
—Guest Sekar Natarajan

Not Good

Servicemagic appears to posts only favorable reviews of contractors that they recommend. I had Sanrad, Design come to fix the work that they did, and it was done poorly. I put this in my review which was never published. ServiceMagic did not respond to me when I questioned them about it 3 times. I would not recommend Servicemagic.

Home owner

You referred Shaw maintenance & I hired them they are from Effort Pa 18330 I have been trying to contact Shaw but phone is disconnected any suggestions ? ++ This site does not make referrals. You may be thinking of a referral from ServiceMagic. You should contact ServiceMagic to find this number. - ed.
—Guest Dominick R. Perruso

home owner

I used 2 referrals from Service Magic and they were both great! The Traditions Glass contractor installed glass shower doors and was very professional. He did exactly what was promised in the time quoted
—Guest B Butler

Matched, but not very well

Used ServiceMagic for a contractor to build an addition. The contractor pretty much gave a cookie-cutter estimate that, he admitted, could shift by tens of thousands of dollars. His heart wasn't in it, and he even said as much. He said that he got so many "bad leads" from homeowners that he no longer took much time on cultivating a sale because 95% of them fell through.

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